Workshops - Enrico Fossati

French Alps Photography Workshop

June 24-July 1  2018


An all-new, original workshop offering that spans from the Graian Alps in the north to the Haute Alpes in the south. Join me and co-leader Erin Babnik in this new frontier of landscape photography to create photographs of the rugged beauty along the border between France and Italy. This all-inclusive trip features seven nights of accommodation in four-star spa hotels, a substantial post-processing session, and a small group size. Details are available HERE

Chasing the Mood in Haute Savoie

July 14-21 July 2018


A new tour in the magnificent Haute Savoie in France, a place made of enchanting valleys, dramatic peaks, misty waterfalls and lush forests. After many years of scouting and shooting in this area, I have decided to offer an exclusive tour limited to 8 seats from the 14th of July 2018 to 21st July 2018. I will co-lead the tour with my friend and fellow photographer Gianluca Podestà, a brilliant award winning Italian photographer Have you ever dreamed of such a beautiful place that seems unreal? Straight out of a fantasy movie? Do you want to discover a place where you can shoot memorable photos, fully immersed in nature far from the classical photo tours where you can still shoot unique pictures? "Chasing the Mood is the tour for you!

For a fully detailed brochure contact me at

Chasing the Northern Lights Across Iceland

January 23 -31 2018

Discover the Artic with me and Javier de la Torre one of the greatest landscape photographers of Europe and award winning in the Global Artic Awards 2015 . An unforgettable experience capturing the magic of the northern countries for  8  days in the legendary Iceland. You will be fully assisted by two experienced landscape photographers on the field and at PC during processing tuition.For more informations  send me an email to I will send you a fully detailed brochure.

The image in the thumbnail is captured and edited by Javier de la Torre

Private Workshops

Available on request private workshops  for max 4 people. Contact me for informations at

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