About Me


I am a professional landscape photographer based in northern Italy. My passion for photography was born in 2009 but I started with more determination around the mid of 2012. My passion for paintings, art, and movies has influenced a lot of my vision and the way to craft my pictures. The digital darkroom gave me the opportunity to create unique images, impossible to be created with traditional photography techniques. My works are deeply influenced by my imagination, emotions, and dreams. My inspiration comes from many artists, from fantasy art that is my favorite, from literature, from movies, and from music. Music helps me a lot to focus on the mood and is an essential element during my processing and when I am in the field. My work is constantly evolving and every day I have new ideas and new works are slowly materializing in my mind. The concept behind my Images is deeply linked to my soul and I strongly believe that in a world with billions of images captured every day we must add value to our works.

During these years some of my works have been awarded in various important photographic competitions and have been published in many magazines worldwide. Actually, I am working with various professionals as a photography instructor, I teach postproduction, I am committed to various creative projects and I co-working with various brands as ambassador or partner.


Camera: Leica SL2

Optics: Leica 24-90

Leica 16-35

Sigma 12-24 ART

Sigma 100-400 

Filters: Polarizer and ND filters by Lucroit

Tripods and ball heads by Gitzo

Systematic 3 GT3543XLS with GH3382QD Ball Head

Mountaineer GT2543L with GH3382QD Ball Head

Traveller GK2545T with GH1382QD Ball Head

Backpack Lowepro Powder500

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