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a project by Enrico Fossati

The Midnight Lodge is a creative project I started during the summer of 2022 with one of the first releases of the infamous AI software Midjournej. Before passing on the images I want to spend a couple of words about the meaning of this project and why I started it. I read many discussions about AI and the negative impact will have on our society, personally, I believe is an incredible tool that properly used can be very useful and will grant undreamed possibilities. This project will be under another name because has nothing to share with my photography production if not the passion for fantasy and I think these are two different things Photography is a passion, and life in the field is an experience with nature, this project is different is imagination, dream, and entertainment. The midnight Lodge project is born because thanks to AI's power, I can now create images of places that are straight out of my imagination and hardly reproducible with a camera if not impossible moreover  I am not able to paint in a professional way, so the possibility to express my vision is by far more important than any ideologism and prejudice. Even if the software nowadays doesn't grant many possibilities of customization,  for creating these images  I prompted hundreds of scripts with many variables to make the images more similar to my vision and my Photoshop expertise gave me the possibility to maximize the mood and the atmosphere making them more personal and unique.  

What is the Midnight Lodge? Well Is a long story to tell, but as a fantasy passionate, and RPG nerd, I see the Midnight Lodge as a kind of Tavern where people stop during dark and stormy nights around a warm fire to take a drink and talk about legendary tales and stories. The Midnight Lodge is a place where to be free and your dreams come true. If you want to dream with me follow my new page on Instagram 

At the Moment is still a beta project and in development, if you like it and you want to support my project you can make a donation below.

For Prints Licensing or NFTs, you can contact me HERE

A Gothic Winter Night is my first series made with a mix of Photoshop and AI, the concept is inspired by my passion for dark fantasy and the countless hours I spent playing role-playing games and telling stories about this mysterious and misty gothic world. I want to dedicate this project to all my fellow friends that shared with me the passion for fantasy and role-palying games!

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