Dark Processing Masterclass

Dark Processing Masterclass is a collection of instructional videos to process landscape photographs with a dark and epic mood. I produced the first series of this kind of pictures back in 2013 and I released the first version of this video in 2017. Actually Dark Processing is one of the most popular and imitated post-processing styles among landscapers. Now I produced a new and comprehensive bundle of videos about this technique for overhaul and transform any landscape in an epic and cinematic scene.


The masterclass is composed of 5 Videos start to finish for the duration of about 5 hours. The process explained is characterized by a strong artistic component where is needed a certain amount of manual work that once acquired the necessary skill is able to grant you the ability to develop your own unique pictures. 

The Software used in the videos is Adobe Photoshop CC2020, Adobe Bridge, ACR, DxO, Nik Collection, Topaz Detail, Tony Kuyper TK7 Panel.

IS NOT NEEDED THE LAST VERSION OF PHOTOSHOP The Oldest compatible version is Photoshop CC ( release 2013)


The techniques used and explained are the following:

  • Pano Stitching

  • Perspective Blending

  • Exposures Blending

  • Manual Blending

  • Color Grading

  • Color Dodge

  • Time Blending

  • Dodge and Burn

  • Use of Luminosity Masks

  • During the process, I will show how to apply various effects that I personally experimented over the years and that are now part of my workflow including Soft Glow Effects, Glowing Lights, darkening, Light Diffusion, light creation, etc


Start to Finish of the following Images

Descent to Rivendell

The complete development of the remastered version of my popular shot Descent to Rivendell one of the works that have made this kind of processing popular. A tribute to the work of the great Illustrator John Howe

The complete development of Descent to Rivendell will guide you through to various techniques including Exposures Blending, Manual Blending, Color Grading, Color Dodge, Time Blending and various effects including Light Diffusion, Light Creation and Glowing Lights.

Before                                                                                                     After

Dragon Nest

The complete development of Dragon Nest will guide you through to various techniques including Time Blending Manual Blending, Color Grading, Exposures Blending, Burn and Dodge Color Dodge and a wide range of creative effects, including Soft Glow, Light Creation, Light Diffusion, and Darkening 

Before                                                                                                   After

Well of Mimir

The Complete development of Well of Mimir will guide you through to various techniques including Pano Stitching Manual Blending Color Grading Burn and Dodge Color Dodge and a wide range of effects including Soft Glow, Light  Diffusion, Darkening Glowing Lights, and Darkening.


Before                                                                                                 After  

Winter Spell

The complete development of Winter Spell will guide you through to various techniques including Perspective Blending Color Dodge Softglow Effect and Light Diffusion

 Before                                                                                                 After  

A light in the Dark

The complete development of A Light in the dark  will guide you through to various techniques including Color Grading, Color Dodge, Softglow Effect, Time Blending,  Light creation, and light diffusion

 Before                                                                                                 After  




Once the video has been purchased for the digital nature of the content cannot be refunded.

For any technical issues or in case of problems in downloading the files please contact me info@enricofossati.it